Saturday, 13 June 2015

Traditional Family Trees

I have been asked to make so many different types of my traditional family tree pillows now that I thought I should share some pictures of the different ways all of you lovely people have asked me to make them.

Family name sign found here

I love the colour combination for this tree.  It reminds me of a circus!
 This red colour scheme is proving quite a popular one.

All of my traditional family tree pillows have bunting on them. Find this one here
 Choosing a 2 or 3 colours produces a great effect here
 This rainbow family tree had so many names on it that there was no room left for any patterned material but I really like the outcome.
 You couldn't get more natural than this family tree.  I think it has a super fresh look.
 Inspiration comes from the flag for this family tree.
 Can't choose which colours you want?  No problems as this one has them all!
Who know what other ideas will come my way . . . . . . . 

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